After Midnight


It’s been about a month since I’ve been able to log into SL and blog anything. Life has been pretty hectic of late. It started with the flu one week, and turned into a last minute trip out of town for work the next week. I thought things were settling back into a normal rhythm and then my partner was hospitalized with a heart condition. The craziness has died down, and I found myself retreating to SL for some quiet time and finally got a chance to finalize this look from Blueberry and take a decent photo.


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Strapped @ Uber

I was FINALLY able to get into the Uber Event this month and spent WAY too many Linden. My first purchase was this cropped button up top with built in leather harness from Miss Chelsea. The texture quality on the cloth area, leather, and hardware is extremely well done. I did have a few issues […]

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