More Skin Fair 2017


This weekend was super busy in my RL, so I didn’t have a chance to get back to the Skin Fair until yesterday. I FINALLY picked up a Catwa head (Lona) and I FINALLY created a shape that felt comfortable.

After trying tons of Catwa appliers, I settled on Laciana from DeeTalez and Antonia from Amara Beauty. The Amara Beauty body applier was free at the Skin Fair, and although it requires the Omega Relay to apply to my Maitreya body, that was easy enough to do.

Catwa Lona  DeeTalez Laciana

Above is another shot of the DeeTalez Laciana applier.

And below is the Amara Beauty: Antonia


I really wish I could get my nose tip to appear “pointier” in the Catwa heads. It’s still very pretty though.


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