Azuchi @ Arcade

Azuchi Sasha

I finally transitioned into a new role at work last week, and have been so busy. I can’t believe how behind I am with blogging!

This post features the sexy leather bodysuit from Azuchi for this round of Arcade, and this AMAZING hair from Exile which has become quite the popular style judging by all the photos I’ve seen on Flickr.

The Azuchi Sasha bodysuit is exclusively for Maitreya bodies, and includes 15 common colors as well as the Black rare prize, along with a pair of rare black thigh high boots.

The Arcade Event is in full swing and you can find 3 mirrored sims:

Arcade 1, Arcade 2, Arcade 3

Event ends June 30.


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Shield Maiden

When Sand’s Leavitt posted a teaser photo on Flickr of his offering for this month’s round of LootBox, I was super excited. You see, I’m a HUGE fan of Vikings on the History Channel. No spoilers but I did cry my eyes out this past season. CREDITS:

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Azuchi Oichi

It really feels great to be blogging again, and it has been an exciting week. Lelutka released their second Bento enabled Mesh Head offering “Chloe” and I’ve been busy in Appearance Mode since I got my hands on a copy. I’ve decided to get back into the Shaping game, and released my first shape on […]

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