Not Your Angel

Not your Angel

So I’m going through my backlog of amazing releases from my sponsors. I was super excited about this unisex style from MINA Hair. Mina does such an amazing job with shaved styles with custom varied hair bases. This release is named “Angel” and is worn with the separate hair bases available with and without the shaved design. The hair also comes with a style without the pony tail.

Also in my inventory was this Angel dress from Canimal from the Boho Gacha. The Henna body tattoo was also released as part of that Gacha. I’m kind of in love with the juxtaposition of edge and soft. Not your Angel.


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Black Lace

I picked up this lovely collar from The Enchantment event and was waiting for the right moment to wear it. Yesterday I was chatting with Sophia Harlow about feeling out of touch with finding new releases, and she told me that many designers release at the multitude of events on the grid. I knew about […]

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