Tell me about it…stud.

Tell me about it, stud...

I logged into SL on Saturday, lamenting that I felt behind on blogging, and to my surprise and delight I received a message from Canimal Zephyr. You see I’ve been a fan girl of the Canimal brand since I started blogging 10 years ago. Check out this cringe-worthy pic from 2007, rocking the Canimal:


Anywho, Canimal dropped a blogger gift pack on me and after I stopped bouncing in excitement I started playing dress up. Now usually my interest only holds long enough to set up one outfit/photography shot and post process. Then I get lazy and blog the credits later. I was having so much fun playing dress up, I went through almost the entire folder of cute outfits.

Prepare for a bit of spam today while I blog the credits.


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Blueberry Caiti Lingerie @Collabor88

Blueberry keeps right on upping the game for sexy and trendy women’s fashion. Above I’m featuring this month’s offering for Collabor88…the Caiti Lingerie. Each piece is separate (dress, bra and panties) for the ultimate in mixing and matching. I’m also wearing the Blueberry Bonita shoe release for Shoetopia that I somehow missed when I was […]

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Is this thing still on?!

  So it’s been close to 5 years since I’ve really blogged, and although real life has dragged me away, I’ve lately felt the gravitational pull of SL again recently. I have to say that Bento mesh clinched the deal. While it was an admittedly steep learning curve and I had to remember how to fly […]

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