I’m feeling like a criminal

When a girl will break a boy just because she can

Ok so. I’m a shape snob. Maybe because I’m a shape designer. When I came back to SL in January it was a HUGE learning curve to nudge those sliders for bento heads, but I finally got it figured out…and then I rediscovered my shape snobbery.

As a sponsored blogger for the Altamura group (with awesome benefits of receiving the newest releases of bento heads and bodies) we are gifted a weekly release of mesh head, body, makeup, shape, etc. to promote for Altamura. I admittedly have a hard time with the shape releases because….have you met me? I’m a shape snob….

The release this week is the Russian Shape for Altamura group by .Viki. available at Marketplace, and I was pleasantly surprised by how in LOVE with this shape I was when I started preparing for this post.

The curves begged for lingerie, and the new Poppy Fashion release for the ROMP: Elegant Kink event worked perfectly. Lola top, panties and heels…I’m not sure why I was so surprised because Poppy boasts the amazing Roslin Petion of Luxuria lingerie brand at the helm of textures for Poppy Fashion. Yes. I’m blonde. Forgive me.

This post is about embracing the unexpected. And this post is a celebration of why I LOVE blogging in SL. It’s not my shape, and not my usual bento head. It’s about a beautiful discovery, and really isn’t that was SecondLife is about? Discovering the beauty in something new? And I’m feeling like a criminal because I’m “stealing” someone else’s shape creation and it feels SO good. 🙂


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This look actually started with the sunglasses from Ane at TheLiasonCollaborative. Then everything came together with great finds at this round of Collabor88. Seriously, this hair and hairbase from Tableau Vivant is everything. I was also super excited to see new stuff from my old favorites Fashionably Dead and Nylon Outfitters. CREDITS:

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Natural Beauty

This post features newness from MINA Hair and Ingenue. The hair from MINA is Shelley and available starting today at the Ultra Event. You can always try demos at the MINA Mainstore if you are unable to get into an event. The Lilith flats from Betty Doyle’s Vintage brand, Ingenue, are T-strapped with a bow on […]

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Pour Some Sugar On Me

Happy Friday night everyone! It’s a good time to feature my 80’s Rocker Girl. There is SO much fun to be found at the Rewind (a Throwback) Event. I’ve already shared my Roller Girl outfit that played off the 80’s Roller Rink theme of the venue. Tonight, I’m featuring the Lara hair from Mina Hair that’s […]

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Crash N. Cari

Today’s post is a preview of the Roller Girl Shorts, Tank and Slouchy shirt from Poppy Fashion. If you’ve never been to a women’s roller derby, I highly recommend it. So much fun and energy! The derby girls are so fierce and inspiring. Roller Girl,  an 80’s roller rink inspired set will be available May […]

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Mee Yow!

I finished tweaking my shape for the Altamura Aggie Bento head. I created a version for the Maitreya Lara body as well as the Altamura mesh body. Altamura’s torso is a bit more muscular and legs are a bit less muscular than Maitreya’s Lara, so I wanted to ensure the shape had the right proportions […]

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Altamura Doll: Aggie

  I’ve been working on a shape for the Altamura Bento Head: Aggie, and I’m really liking the direction this one is going. She kind of reminds me of Kat from 10 Things I Hate About You. I usually use a WoW Skin applier on the Altamura Monique head, but I really like the skin […]

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As If!

I’m channeling Cher from Clueless in this look. Did you know that TDR (the dressing room) is back? This post features the Jo striped skirt from Ec.Cloth at TDR. I paired it with the top from the Amanda outfit from Dead Dollz that I picked up from Uber and blogged the skirt here. Then I […]

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