Shoetopia in Primaries

So if you haven’t heard (or been following my blog spam over the last week), Shoetopia is opening tomorrow! If you are a member of one of the sponsor VIP groups, you may even have access already.

I had a chance to scope out the venue today and it is truly beautiful. A dream closet with an atrium and four wings of SHOES!! Once the event opens (or if you have access through a VIP group) you can find the goodies at the Shoetopia Event.  

I had some fun today with 4 releases of footwear that are featured at the event, and decided to play up a primary color theme. Credits for all the looks are after the cut.

Nena Heels from Fame Femme. Such precise detail with the lacing and access zipper up the foot heel:

Fame Femme Nena Heels

In trying to keep it simple, I mixed and matched the Azuchi Kat tops from this month’s LuxeBox along with the Twiggy skirts and pants release by Poppy at their official opening this past Sunday. I did swap in a short Blueberry skirt for one look, but I tried to keep the primary color theme. I felt like I was channeling Snow White the entire photo shoot.

RebelHope Splash

Splash! from Rebel Hope. These Booties are SO fun. For each color option shoe, you can customize the splash embellishments. So bright and pretty!

Murray Faux Crocodile Stilletos

So these Faux Crocodile Stillettos are also available with color changing socks but I was obsessed with the without sock option.

N-core Aisha Kneeboots

N-core. Knee boots. Strappy. Enough said.


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CerberusXing Project Harpoon Shoe Preview

Happy Monday! Holy guacamole are these shoes fabulous or what?! The dagger heels are a bit dangerous and impractical…yes…but still. FAB-U-LOUS! I’m wearing the silver option and the material effect on the platform and heel is just perfection. They will be available at the Shoetopia event starting on March 25. I’m also wearing the updated […]

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Livalle Hax Combat Boots

Love love love these combat boots! Another preview for the Shoetopia event which starts on March 25. My GPU has NOT been cooperating the past couple of days and it took me forever to photograph this look. I started at a couple of different Urban locations, but I thought my GPU was working to hard […]

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Blueberry Gracie Pants

The new Gracie jeans/leather pants have been a hot topic of conversation in the Blueberry Update group since they were released a week ago. So of course after getting through the Skin Fair, I had to swing by Blueberry’s main store and check them out. With so many options, I was a bit overwhelmed at […]

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New Release from Poppy!

Newness from Poppy! This belted and ruffled chiffon dress is named Cherie and comes in 4 cherry print and 4 solid color options. I’m wearing the white version with a cherry print that just pops. I love the asymmetic and inverted hemline (both front and back). My photos do not do the delicate fabric texture […]

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Candice by Poppy

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the first release from a new brand Poppy Fashion. While the brand may be new, the designers behind the scenes are not. I was a super fan-girl of Roslin Petion’s TaP skins back in the day, and Poppy is a collaboration of Roslin’s texturing and Riu Rodrigues mesh […]

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Channeling Fendi

Not much to say other than I was inspired by the Fendi Spring/Summer 2017 campaign and runway show at Milan Fashion Week. Also alpha textured hair + alpha textured top = pain in the butt! Does anyone have a solution to this problem that doesn’t require me editing the alpha masking on the hair? CREDITS:

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Just Dance

I’ve been so busy snapping pics and uploading them to Flickr that I’m behind on blogging. I have noticed that a lot of bloggers use Flickr as their complete blogging platform, but I still favor my WordPress site for publishing my thoughts and to supply credits. I have no idea if anyone even still reads […]

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