Luxebox March 2017 Look 1: Cherry Red

Luxebox Cherry Red

So I finally bit the bullet and subscribed to Luxebox this month, and BOY am I glad I did! I put together this quick look featuring the Luxebox hair from Moon, the halter top from Tee*fy and the denim skirt from Tres Blah.

I hadn’t yet featured the off shoulder denim jacket and Ingenue Rose flats from The Arcade yet, but I think they worked perfectly to create the look I was going for.


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Blueberry Gracie Pants

The new Gracie jeans/leather pants have been a hot topic of conversation in the Blueberry Update group since they were released a week ago. So of course after getting through the Skin Fair, I had to swing by Blueberry’s main store and check them out. With so many options, I was a bit overwhelmed at […]

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