Altamura Monique Mesh Head now at the Skin Fair

Altamura Monique

The Skin Fair 2017 is open!

You can find the Monique Mesh head at the Altamura booth. 

Shown here with the Altamura Sofia Mesh body:


You can find the updated shape made for the Altamura Monique Head on my Marketplace



Head and Applier: ALTAMURA Monique Bento Mesh Head by Rumegusc Altamura @ SkinFair

Body: ALTAMURA Sofia Mesh Body by Rumegusc Altamura

Makeup: ALTAMURA Grace Eyeshadow Makeup by Rumegusc Altamura

Eyebrows: [okkbye] Eutropic Eyebrows (OMEGA) by Elisaokkbye

Nails: ALTAMURA AV3 Nails by Rumegusc Altamura

Hair: LAMB Love Fade (ombre) by Lamb Bellic

Shape: SHAPES BY CARI Monique by Carissa Crimson on Marketplace