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Fabulous Find


Cari Tetra

When I first came back to SecondLife last month (after an almost 4 year hiatus!!) the very first hair I purchased was from a new-to-me brand of TETRA at the January Uber event. I loved the style and it had the perfect silky, shiny texture (which any SL blonde knows is hard to come by).

I was on a mission for more hair and visited the TETRA shop. While I couldn’t find any more hair styles at the time, I did load up on a few clothing purchases. Yesterday I put together this fierce combination of an open backed jacket and silk track trousers. The color change heels from Blueberry were also a steal and really vamped up the look.

The hair that started it all:



(Photo 1)

Hair: TRUTH Loni (light blondes) by Truth Hawks

Body: LELUTKA Simone 2.0 Bento by JadenArt, MAITREYA Lara v3.5 Bento by Onyx Leshelle, GLAM AFFAIR Lucrezia (America) by Aida Ewing

Outfit: TETRA Open Back Jacket (purple), TETRA Silk Track Trousers (onyx) by NataPorolo

Shoes: BLUEBERRY Amanda Happy Heels by Blueberryxx

Jewelry: SWALLOW Groupie Gold earrings, SWALLOW Heartwing ring (both group gifts)

(Photo 2)

Hair: TETRA Melon Hair (light tones) by NataPorolo

Outfit: MAITREYA Nova Romper (coral) by Onyx Leshelle