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Beauty Avatar: Thabita

I logged into SL this morning and was greeted with skin goodness!

The newest face of Beauty Avatar: Thabita

And what a beautiful face it is! Th lips are pouty and there is an overall glow effect on the skin. I’m noticing this is becoming more and more popular with skin designers, and really makes for gorgeous photographs without having to monkey around with lighting.

The natural skin tone I received came with 10 makeups of varied lip and eye designs.

Not Safe for Work Body Photos
The glow continues more subtley over the body of the skin, and the effect is perfection. I love the shading and highlighting, neither of which is overdone. It’s just a smooth creamy skin.

My only complaint is the ear, which appears too have a “pasted on as afterthought” look as seen below

At this time I couldn’t find Tabitha in store, but I’m sure it will be released soon.


7 thoughts on “Beauty Avatar: Thabita

  • Lizbeth Saenz

    Oh eeeek, as beautiful as the skin is, that ear just irks me. O_o

  • sunshine kukulcan

    Ive just now realized what I *personally* do not care for in a lot of new skins Ive seen released….those lips…really resemble child’s lips…even baby lips.

    And I also realize that they are not realistic, perhaps they shouldnt be, but for some strange reason, they really creep me out.

    Your mileage may vary

  • Th lips can probably be blamed on my shape, as I prefer pouty lips…or baby lips as you call them.

    It really is personal preference I guess, but thankfully we can work those mouth sliders to make the lip wider, less full and less fat. 🙂
    I hope no one blames the skin for that look…

    But I get what you mean, it’s kind of how I feel about av’s with insanely humungo bewbies…really creeps me out!

  • Libby

    What a shame about those ears, enough to ruin the whole skin. I love that hair and have seen it in another post, where is it from?

  • There | Nina


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