Material Girl in a Virtual World


Fashion Feed of SL stuff

Thank you again to everyone for their overwhelmingly positive feedback about Fashion Feed of SL

I just wanted to say that I am still adding! I promise! If you would like to be reviewed for addition, I encourage you to read the About Page and then use the Contact Form to make the request. I have been able to review requests and add them within a few hours of when i receive the email/IM/comment. (speaking of which it’s been tricky hunting down all the requests when I have so many places to check…*psst…points to the hint above to use the Contact Form *)

Also, Jonathan Hugo of FUSE has been so encouraging since I went public with the feed, and insisted on making In World Vendors to distribute a link to the Fashion Feed of SL site. The vendors are simple frames of this texture:

You can find them free here at OnRez in three sizes, ya know….just in case you’d like to show your support and mayhaps display one….(*puppy dog eyes*)

For those I’ve talked to about this project the past few days….THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Your encouragement has meant alot to me!

Oh! and I made the Mean Girl’s Blawg to Watch!!