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Most people realize how much I love MMSkins (almost as much as I love Minnu herself) but those that know me or have followed my fashion writing for the Metaverse Messenger or in the SL blogosphere also know what a skin junky I am. My skin inventory is appalling *hangs her head in shame* but let’s not dwell on my embarrassing addiction. I’d much rather show you a preview of a skin I’m SUPER EXCITED ABOUT!!

Crys Skin from PXL
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I was watching a FACES photoshoot yesterday, and the always gorgeous Cherie Parker was wearing a beautiful skin that I’d never seen before (shocking, I KNOW). After begging, pleading, and offers of my first born, Cherie told me the skin was from PXL. Convincing myself that I was just in the way at the photoshoot, the handy dandy Search led me right over to PXL’s.

While I was contemplating eye makeups and fatpack options for the yummy Linda skin that Cherie had been wearing, the very handsome Hart Larsson popped up beside me and asked if I’d tried the demo of a skin in development. Now typically any time some dude starts talking to me in a skin store I pretend I only speak some really rare foreign language in an effort to avoid the usual “offer” of helping me by judging how I look with no clothes on. How very kind of them to be so concerned about the asthetics of my bits right? Turns out though…Hart is the owner and talented creator behind PXL skins.

Hart and me (dribbling on his shoes)
See? I told you he was handsome! I’m wearing the Linda skin in this pic for those who are curious.

Soo anywaaaaays…what was I talking about? OH yes! The Crys skin…one thing led to another and I tried a few of the makeups for an entirely new creation Hart was developing and I am in Lust with it. The face is stunning with a perfect nose and juicy lips. The booty is delicious…like CANDY I tell you! And for those who like stripping down and admiring their bits, you will not be disappointed. Call me crazy (I know most of you do anyway) but the immaculate detailed french manicured nails are one of my favorite features. I wish the abdomen was a bit softer, but I consider the suppleness of the Lovey Darling skin to be tummy perfection so it’s a personal preference.

Hart has assured me that he will be rezzing the vendor board on these beauties some time today, so keep your radars on for that. Singles will be priced at $1500L (which actually includes 4 skins of both black and brown eyebrows and the cutest natural freckled version for each). Eye Packs that include all 6 lip colors (Coffee, Ice, Natural, Passion, Raspberry, and Red) in one eye makeup are $6000L or Lip Packs that include all 5 eye designs (Cat, Fashion, Dark, Natural, Smoke) in one lip color are $5000L.

PXL also has skins for the guys.

Pixelized nakie pic and SlurLz after the jump

PXL Crys

I know I know *GASP Carissa is NAKED!* I did PIXELATE the pinky stuffs though, but I figure since I’ll be on the vendor poster in my full unabashed R-rated glory I may as well sneak it in my blog in PG-13 form.

10 thoughts on “PXL Skin Crys

  • December 29, 2007 at 8:56 pm

    They are very pretty indeed, hopefully he’ll release the one I like in the lighter tone. 😀

  • December 29, 2007 at 10:03 pm

    Hhahaa!You’re a skin junky alright!But you’re our sl skin guide as well!Love them and gonna try them myself,yeahh…:)*smiles and leaves for PXL..

  • December 29, 2007 at 10:58 pm

    Aha!! I knew it!! Dang, I must go there now!! Skin junkies unite!! 😉

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