Material Girl in a Virtual World


Rediscovering Paper Couture

I’ve been saving some posts for the Faces blog, but I’m having technical difficulties accessing the darned thing so I have a feeling I’m gonna be a bloggin machine on my Closet today.

After the CSI hubbub, I made a stop on the Fashion Avenue sim, and wowza!! Some of my favorite stores all in one convenient spot, and all seem to be using the OnRez shopping system, which is all fine and good until I experienced a full on temper tantrum in Paper Couture when Prue’s vendor quit working and started refunding my moneys instead of giving me my pretties. Mare Lu dropped by and informed me that Prue was a f* up, and I would be better off getting help from JuJu the pet monkey. hmmmmz.

Anyway, here’s what I DID get before the vendor went kaplooey. Some old, some new, but I was literally like a kid in a candy store snatching up outfits that, for some strange reason, I’d never seen before.

[Left to Right: Passing Swans, Gutter, Turkey]

[Left to Right: Railway in Ocean (comes with three colors), White Horse, and Libations]

[Left to Right: Utters, Folded Flag, Sculpture]

Other credits after the cut

Passing Swans: Hair: Amelieish in Platinum from Hiccup| Skin: MMSkins Light Gloss North | Shoes: Crisis Pumps from Tekilah’s
Gutter: Hair: Amelieish in Light Blonde from Hiccup | Skin: MMSkins Light 20’s | Hat: Mobstress Black Hat from kyoot Army | Tights: Charcoal Gray from TaP | Shoes: Bloom boots in Black from Maitreya
Turkey: Hair: Amelieish in Light Blonde from Hiccup | Skin: MMSkins Tan Blues | Shoes: Crisis Pumps from Tekilah’s | Bracelet: ChocoBloo from Turnstyle

Railway: Hair: Tyra in Cinnamon from ETD |Skin: MMSkins Light Blood | Bracelet: Black Pearl Wrap from Calla | Shoes: Vixen Pumps in Blueberry from Tesla
White Horse: Hair: Europa in Champagne from Cake | Skin: MMSkins Pale Widow | Shoes: Vixen Pumps in Avocado by Tesla
Libations: Hair: Sofia in Cinnamon from ETD | Skin: MMSkins Tan Purple | Bracelet: Black Pearl Wrap from Call | Shoes: Vixen Pumps in Grape from Tesla

Utters: Hair: Julianna in Blonde from ETD | Skin: MMSkins Fall Skin (prototype/unreleased) | Shoes: Diva in Black from Tesla
Folded Flag: Hair: Blonde DollBun Hair from MMSkins (unreleased) | Skin: MMSkins Fall Skin (prototype/unreleased) | Tights: Crimson from TaP | Shoes: Bloom boots in Olive from Maitreya
Sculpture: Hair: Flaxen Devyn Hair with Cap from Celestial Studios | Skin: MMSkins Tan Tropical | Necklace: Chakra Long Beads Necklace Pumpkin from Earthtones | Shoes: Old Boots in Brown from Shiny Things