Material Girl in a Virtual World


An Introduction

Carissa Crimson here. Most of the Fashion Planet addicts will know me from the Fashion Heaven blog. Without stirring up too much drama, it’s only fair to say that I resigned from my position as the Associate Fashion Editor of the Metaverse Messenger due to a misunderstanding I had with the Editor in Chief regarding what I thought was uncensored freedom to blog whatever fashion relative subject I pleased on the Fashion Heaven blog. Evidently my posting about the FACES open modeling call upset Katt Kongo (the editor who doesn’t contribute to the blog nor compensate us for our blogging efforts).

 I anticipate that the upcoming publication of FACES magazine and blog, as well as the other facets of the agency will keep me pretty busy. I have to say that I do miss writing and blogging alongside the other Angels; especially Queenie, Kitty, Tie and the always supportive Madison.

After the fallout, I kind of needed a mini SL vacation, so I dusted off an alt and here’s what I’ve been up to:

Fun with Alts
Do you realize how much fun it is to shop Neko stores??!! I have come across some of the most detailed primwork in the accessories alone. Lately I’ve just been embracing a side of fashion that I have never explored as Carissa, and I’m having a blast!
Fun with Alts

One more! *hehe*
Fun with Alts